Great Leighs Free Church

Readings 11 February to 28 April


We are going to spend the time up to the 28th April, looking at the Bible in respect of the subject of Grace.  Grace is that wonderful free gift that we receive from God even though we are unworthy of such a gift


Monday 11th February

Genesis Ch. 1

Grace Of Creation (part 1)

Tuesday 12th February

Genesis Ch. 2

Grace Of Creation (part 2)

Wednesday 13th February

Genesis Ch. 3

Grace After The Fall

Thursday 14th February

Exodus Ch. 15 v 22-27

Grace In The Desert (part 1)

Friday 15th February

Exodus Ch. 16 v 1-36

Grace In The Desert (part 2)

Saturday 16th February

Exodus Ch. 17 v 1-7

Grace In The Desert (part 3)

Sunday 17th February

Exodus Ch. 33 v 7-23

Grace In The Desert (part 4)


Monday 18th February

Jeremiah Ch. 31 v 31-34

Grace Of A New Covenant

Tuesday 19th February

John Ch. 1 v 1-18

Grace As The Person Of Jesus Christ

Wednesday 20th February

John Ch. 14

Grace To Bring Us To The Father (part 1)

Thursday 21st February

John Ch. 15

Grace To Bring Us To The Father (part 2)

Friday 22nd February

Acts Ch. 2 v 1-47

Grace In The Pouring Out Of The Spirit

Saturday 23rd February

Hebrews Ch. 8

Grace From Jesus As High Priest (part 1)

Sunday 24th February

Hebrews Ch. 9

Grace From Jesus As High Priest (part 2)



Monday 25th February

Hebrews Ch. 10

Grace From Jesus As High Priest (part 3)

Tuesday 26th February

Romans Ch. 1

Grace Leads To Repentance (part 1)

Wednesday 27th February

Romans Ch. 2

Grace Leads To Repentance (part 2)

Thursday 28th February

Romans Ch. 3

Grace Leads To Repentance (part 3)

Friday 1st March

Romans Ch. 4

Grace Empowered Living (part 1)

Saturday 2nd March

Romans Ch. 5

Grace Empowered Living (part 2)

Sunday 3rd March

Romans Ch. 6

Grace Empowered Living (part 3)



Monday 4th March

Romans Ch. 9

Grace Towards Israel

(part 1)

Tuesday 5th March

Romans Ch. 10

Grace Towards Israel

(part 2)

Wednesday 6th March

Romans Ch. 11

Grace Towards Israel

(part 3)

Thursday 7th March

2 Corinthians Ch. 3

Grace Is For Transformation (part 1)

Friday 8th March

2 Corinthians Ch. 4

Grace Is For Transformation

(part 2)

Saturday 9th March

2 Corinthians Ch. 5 to

Ch. 6 v 2

Grace Is For Transformation

(part 3)

Sunday 10th March

Galatians Ch. 1

Grace Is For Daily Living

(part 1)



Monday 11th March

Galatians Ch. 2

Grace Is For Daily Living

(part 2)

Tuesday 12th March

Galatians Ch. 3

Grace Is For Daily Living

(part 3)

Wednesday 13th March

Galatians Ch. 4

Grace Is For Daily Living

(part 4)

Thursday 14th March

Galatians Ch. 5

Grace Is For Daily Living

(part 5)

Friday 15th March

Galatians Ch. 6

Grace Is For Daily Living

(part 6)

Saturday 16th March

Colossians Ch. 1 v 15-29

Grace In Jesus' Supremacy (part 1)

Sunday 17th March

Colossians Ch. 2

Grace In Jesus' Supremacy

(part 2)



Monday 18th March

Colossians Ch. 3 v 1-17

Grace In Jesus' Supremacy

(part 3)

Tuesday 19th March

Hebrews Ch. 3

Grace Is Better Than The Law (part 1)

Wednesday 20th March

Hebrews Ch. 4

Grace Is Better Than The Law (part 2)

Thursday 21st March

Hebrews Ch. 5 v 1-10

Grace Is Better Than The Law (part 3)

Friday 22nd March

Psalm 32

Grace In The Blessings Of Forgiveness

Saturday 23rd March

Psalm 51

Grace In Forgiveness For Adultery And Murder

Sunday 24th March

Psalm 103

Grace Has Many Benefits



Monday 25th March

Luke Ch. 15 v 1-32

Grace Towards The Lost

Tuesday 26th March

Genesis Ch. 16

Grace Towards Hagar

Wednesday 27th March

Ruth Ch. 1

Grace Towards Ruth And Naomi (part 1)

Thursday 28th March

Ruth Ch. 2

Grace Towards Ruth And Naomi (part 2)

Friday 29th March

Ruth Ch. 3

Grace Towards Ruth And Naomi (part 3)

Saturday 30th March

Ruth Ch. 4

Grace Towards Ruth And Naomi (part 4)

Sunday 31st March

1 Samuel Ch. 1

Grace Towards Hannah (part 1)



Monday 1st April

1 Samuel Ch. 2 v 1-11

Grace Towards Hannah (part 2)

Tuesday 2nd April

1 Kings Ch. 17

Grace Towards Gentiles (part 1)

Wednesday 3rd April

1 Kings Ch. 5

Grace Towards Gentiles

(part 2)

Thursday 4th April

Luke Ch. 4 v 14-30

Grace Towards Gentiles

(part 3)

Friday 5th April

Luke Ch. 2 v 1-20

Grace Towards The Shepherds

Saturday 6th April

John Ch. 8 v 1-11

Grace Towards An Adulteress

Sunday 7th April

Genesis Ch. 45

Grace Towards Joseph's Brothers (part 1)



Monday 8th April

Genesis Ch. 46

Grace Towards Joseph's Brothers (part 2)

Tuesday 9th April

Genesis Ch. 47

Grace Towards Joseph's Brothers (part 3)

Wednesday 10th April

Genesis Ch. 49 v 29 to

Ch. 50 v 26

Grace After Jacob's Death

Thursday 11th April

Jonah Ch. 1

Grace Towards Nineveh (part 1)

Friday 12th April

Jonah Ch. 2

Grace Towards Nineveh

(part 2)

Saturday 13th April

Jonah Ch. 3

Grace Towards Nineveh

(part 3)

Sunday 14th April

Jonah Ch. 4

Grace Towards Nineveh (part 4)



Monday 15th April

Luke Ch. 6 v 27-36

Grace In Loving Your Enemies

Tuesday 16th April

Luke Ch. 10 v 25-37

Grace For An Enemy

Wednesday 17th April

John Ch. 4 v 1-42

Grace Towards A Samaritan Woman

Thursday 18th April

Acts Ch. 9 v 1-31

Grace Towards Saul

Friday 19th April

Psalm 85

Grace In Restoration

Saturday 20th April

Isaiah Ch. 55

Grace Is Not Our Way

Sunday 21st April

John Ch. 11 v 1-44

Grace In Resurrection



Monday 22nd April

Romans Ch. 8

Grace Of The New Creation

Tuesday 23rd April

1 Corinthians Ch. 15

Grace Of Our Resurrection

Wednesday 24th April

Revelation Ch. 21

Grace For The Consummation Of The Kingdom (part 1)

Thursday 25th April

Revelation Ch. 22

Grace For The Consummation Of The Kingdom (part 2)

Friday 26th April

John Ch. 6

Grace In Providing Basic Needs

Saturday 27th April

2 Corinthians Ch. 8  v 1-15

Grace To Enrich Us

Sunday 28th April

2 Timothy Ch. 1 v 1-14

Grace For All Time